What you need to know when buying a replacement toilet seat

Most people think that buying a replacement toilet seat is a matter of walking into a bathroom supply store and purchasing a replacement, seems pretty straight forward right? Unfortunately not.

Not only are seats brand specific, they are also model specific. It isn’t simply a matter of buying a ‘Caroma’ toilet seat.

So what you need to make sure you get the correct seat?

Knowing the make and model of the toilet is the easiest way however quite often you may not know these things due to the lack of branding on some toilets.

The next best thing is to bring in a few photos of the whole toilet, showing the shape of the bowl and cistern, so one of our experts can identify it.

In the rare case that the toilet cannot be identified and a seat from the supplier cannot be sourced, measuring the length and width of the seat can help in finding a generic seat that will fit.

Shire Bathware can source seats from a multitude of suppliers including Villeroy & Boch, Parisi, Caroma, Studio Bagno and Gala.

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